Oil Painting and Fine Art Restoration



With unrivalled competition on price, we have been UK specialists in fine art restoration since 1971. We are a family run business with a passion for oil on canvas.

Accumulation of dirt and grime from the atmosphere can deteriorate the surface of oil paintings over time. Varnish can yellow and darken, but far more seriously, the linen canvas rapidly deteriorates with time and can easily be perforated leaving a weakened support for the paint film. This in turn can lead to the artwork cracking and becoming detached.


Fine works of art must be maintained to be preserved. At the Collector Antiques we will help to solve these conditions through an extensive process including; relining and consolidation of flaking paint and cleaning and retouching when and where appropriate. This will strengthen the artwork for lifetimes to come and return the work closer to its intended tone, brightness and condition.

Our Services Include:

-Repair tears, holes and, scratches
-Cleaning; remove dirt and discolored old varnish (click here to learn more about cleaning)
-Removal of smoke residue
-Repair of flaking, peeling and cracking paint
-In-painting of missing and damaged areas
-Repair of water damage
-Repair of mold damage
-Reline canvases that are weak, brittle or badly torn (click FAQ to learn more).
-Application of high quality, non- yellowing picture varnish
-Written and photographic documentation can be provided on all aspects of condition and treatment.

Contact us for a free quote.


409766_397408876984416_598967943_nThe Collector Antiques
25 The Bank
Barnard Castle
DL12 8PH

07792 875556
01833 637783


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